How to Prevent Cancer or Find It Early

Thirty to fifty percent of cancer cases are avoidable. The most economical long-term approach to cancer control is prevention. WHO collaborates with Member States to improve national initiatives aimed at increasing public awareness, lowering exposure to cancer risk factors, and making sure that people have access to the knowledge and resources they need to lead healthy lives.

Making healthy decisions can help reduce your risk of developing many common types of cancer. Certain malignancies can be detected by screening tests early on, when treatment is most effective. Numerous cancer types can be prevented in part by vaccinations. Find out more about ways to reduce your cancer risk.

Exams for screening

Regular screenings can detect colorectal (colon), breast, and cervical cancers early on, when treatment is most likely to be effective. In some cases, screening for lung cancer is advised for those who are at high risk.

Immunisations (shots)

Immunisations (shots) also reduce the risk of cancer. The HPV vaccine, which also helps prevent several other types of cancer, helps prevent the majority of cervical malignancies. The hepatitis B vaccination can reduce the risk of liver cancer.

Healthy Decisions

By adopting healthy lifestyle practises, such as maintaining a healthy weight, abstaining from tobacco, consuming less alcohol, and protecting your skin, you can lower your chance of developing cancer.

Dr. Ashish Goel has 25 years experience in oncology and oncosurgery. He is the best cancer surgeon and oncologist in Noida, Delhi, NCR. He has a keen interest in Breast Oncology, Head and Neck Surgery and Thoracic Oncology. He is equally trained in treating Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary and Gynaecological cancers. Dr Goel is currently Director and HoD Surgical Oncology at Jaypee Hospital, Noida.