Breast Cancer Surgery

About Breast Cancer

Recently there has been an increase in incidence of breast cancer and many patients have undergone Breast Cancer Surgery. People often ask me who is at risk of breast cancer? Being woman is itself a risk factor. Any woman irrespective of age is at risk of developing breast cancer. At the same time I don’t want to panic you as a lot of breast lumps specially at young age may be normal or non cancerous. What is actually needed is awareness in going to see your doctor and getting yourself checked if you have a lump in the breast or abnormal nipple discharge.


Common test which are done include a clinical examination by a trained specialist which may be an oncologist or a cancer surgeon. Other test includes mammograms, which are special x-rays of the breast, ultrasound of the breast, and cytology or biopsy of suspicious lumps or lesions seen on imaging.


Good news is that breast cancer is curable especially if detected in time and in early stage. There have been much advancement in breast cancer surgery, which most people are not aware. Today if one develops breast cancer, there is no need to remove the entire breast (Modified Radical Mastectomy). We can remove the tumor and arm pit glands and reconstruct your breast using oncoplastic techniques (Breast Conservation Surgery and Axillary Clearance with Oncoplastic Reconstruction). Equally emphasis is therefore given on cosmesis in order to maintain size, shape and contour of the breast. Moreover if the armpit nodes are not suspicious on imaging, we can do a sentinel node biopsy and avoid complete axillary clearance.


My tip for the day will be to be alert for any changes in your breast. Regularly do a breast self examination and at least once in an year a clinical examination by a specialist. All women above forty years age should get a screening mammogram annually.

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