Breast Oncology

Breast Oncology or Breast Cancer is the most common cancer in women. Any woman irrespective of age is at risk of developing breast cancer.  The main warning signs of breast cancer are the development of any lump in the breast and axilla (armpit) or abnormal or blood-stained nipple discharge. In case any woman has a lump in her breast that is gradually increasing in size, she must consult a trained specialist, an oncologist, or a cancer surgeon, for clinical examination. For breast lumps that are suspicious of cancer, the oncologist would ask for some investigations including digital mammography and ultrasound of the breast and a guided biopsy or FNAC for confirmation of diagnosis.

Breast Oncology / Cancer Treatment

Breast Oncology or Breast Cancer is curable especially if detected in early stage. There has been much advancement in breast cancer surgery, which many people are not aware of. Today if a woman develops breast cancer, there is no need to remove the entire breast (Mastectomy). The Best Breast Surgeon in noida or breast cancer specialist doctor and Oncologist would remove the tumor and armpit glands and reconstruct the breast using oncoplastic techniques (Breast Conservation Surgery and Axillary Clearance with Oncoplastic Reconstruction) in order to maintain size, shape and contour of the breast. Depending on the histopathology report many patients require chemotherapy and radiotherapy in addition to surgery. If the armpit nodes are not suspicious on imaging, the surgeons do a sentinel node biopsy from the armpit to check for their involvement and avoid complete axillary clearance. Non palpable lesions in breast detected by screening mammography need wire localization under ultrasound guidance before surgery. Dr. Ashish Goel is a best Breast Cancer surgeon & breast cancer Specialist and is available for best breast cancer treatment in Noida, Delhi NCR.

Since being a women is a risk factor for development of breast cancer, all women should be alert for any changes in the breast especially appearance of lumps or bumps in the breast, any spontaneous blood stained discharge from nipple or armpit swellings. Regularly do a breast self-examination and at least once an year consult a surgical oncologist for a thorough breast examination and screening mammography annually.

Dr. Ashish Goel : Best Breast Oncologist / Cancer Surgeon in Noida Delhi NCR

Dr. Ashish Goel is a Breast Cancer Specialist in Noida, Delhi NCR  Dr. Goel is a specialist for treatment of Breast Cancer and is an accomplished Breast Cancer Surgeon. His expertise includes Breast Conservation Surgery, Sentinel Node Biopsy and Oncoplastic Reconstruction. 

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